Fully Restored Podcast

Episode 51 - Becoming Transformed from Destructive Behaviors

September 30, 2021

Join our host, Kristin Clouse on the Fully Restored Podcast for Season Two with her guest Peg Arnold. Peg shares with us her story with openness and transparency about an issue many women and men struggle with, eating disorders. As a counselor, Kristin works with individuals with a variety of needs, and this is one of those needs. Peg walks us through her struggle, gives us understanding of the root issue, and the steps she took to overcome eating disorder in her own life. Peg’s story will encourage, minister and strengthen you in your own journey of recovery. If you have a loved one who is struggling, please be sure to share this podcast with them as well.


About our Guest:

Peg Arnold, Speaker/Author, has both a degree in teaching and a Masters in counseling. She brings stories to life through her engaging drama ministry that encourages all to embrace their God-given value. Balancing the roles of wife and mom with counselor and teacher, gives her a unique perspective. Her favorite role now is that of “Nana”. She freely shares the joys and challenges of these life experiences in her writing and speaking. Visit her at www.pegarnold.org.

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