Fully Restored Podcast

Episode 52 - Mother’s Heart for the Orphan Child

October 7, 2021

Join our host, Kristin Clouse on the Fully Restored Podcast for Season Two with her guest Rachael Groll. Rachel has experienced great heartache and sorrow in her life. Miscarriages and with a failed adoption, which propelled her into a ministry where God is using her mightily to minister to God’s children in ways she would have not thought possible. Friends, you will be encouraged and inspired by today’s guest. Please note, this episode is not appropriate for children.


About Our Guest:

Rachael Groll is a pastor, missionary, and author.  Her latest book, She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus came out July 1, 2021 and is available wherever books are sold.  Rachael has a heart for pointing others to Jesus and serves across the globe in the areas of evangelism and discipleship.  You can connect with her at her website, Shehears.org


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