Fully Restored Podcast

Episode 53 - Journey to Motherhood

October 14, 2021

On this episode, Kristin is joined by her guest, Lindsey Porter, who happens to be a family friend. Lindsey has a powerful story about loss, heartache, love, hope and restoration that will inspire all. In fact, Lindsey is one of the strongest women our host Kristin knows and you too will agree once you hear her story. Lindsey shares her story of pregnancy loss, infertility, adoption and serving children in the foster care system. 


About Our Guest:

Lindsey lives in the PNW with her husband Aaron and their six children. Lindsey is living out her dream of being a mom and living on their small hobby farm. She and her husband love their old farmhouse, which they are currently in the middle of remodeling. Lindsey can be found on Instagram where she posts regularly about pregnancy loss, adoption, foster parenting, and infertility @lindseylporter .

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